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Discover Our Built-in Shapewear Clothes

Enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom of movement everyday with the best shapewear. Beyond the everyday, sexy, top-shelf apparel comes in a variety of styles. Flattering looks run the gamut from classic pencil skirts to mod capris. Svelte boutique offers so much more than a simple, tummy-tucking fix. Slimming panels and smart designs work hand in hand to deliver a knockout look for women of all beautiful sizes.

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What our clients say about us

"The fabric is so soft with a little bit of stretch, not that crazy super tight spandex fabric that you often find in shapewear pieces. If you have ever worn shapewear, you know what I am talking about. The kind that you break a sweat just trying to pull it up over your thighs! Then you spend the entire day all out of breath because it’s squeezing you so tight. This skirt does not do that. Rather, it gently hugs my curves and smooths out the lumps without feeling like a straight jacket."
"These leggings like all their other clothing items has a built in Ultra Comfortable Tummy Control Panel. These leggings give you a look of a flatter tummy, firmer bum, slimmer legs, and rolls control. They are made with a 4 way stretch spandex. I found them to be extremely comfortable to wear. They are soft and shape my silhouette nicely. I was really, really happy with them. I do wear shapewear sometimes but a lot of the time, those items can feel so restricting. The reason I was so impressed with these leggings is because I didn’t feel restricted but at the same time, it appeared to me that I was getting the same results that I was getting with the other shapewear camisoles I have been wearing under my shirts."
— Nicole
"While I felt like a blob most of the time, I didn’t necessarily want to look like one.  Since I lived in leggings 99.9% of the time,  I was searching for a cotton pair that had good abdominal support to hold everything in while still being breathable and comfortable.  This pair of Svelte cotton spandex leggings (c/o) fits the bill with a built-in waist panel that is supportive without being too constrictive."

Svelte is more than shapewear

Shapewear leggings, tank tops, shorts and skirts—Svelte’s form-fitting clothing keeps you looking and feeling your very best. The ready-to-wear line integrates to your body shape with a 4-way stretch spandex panel. It sculpts a comfortable, non-restricting solution to those stubborn tummy rolls and periodic bloating. All Svelte shapewear products are equipped with a signature, built-in waist panel to accentuate your silhouette. Capris, leggings and shorts are high-waist while tank tops integrate three panels: top and bottom cotton comfort with a center piece that flattens out your midriff.


What fabric does Svelte use?

Svelte Built-in Shapewear uses several different custom developed exclusive knit fabrics:

  • Cotton Spandex: this breathable blend is a mix of 14% spandex and 86% cotton. The high percentage of spandex allows the cotton to stretch, accompanying your movements and better keeping its shape and color.
  • Ponte de Roma: This thick blend is made of 69% rayon, 26% nylon and 5% spandex, making it extremely stretchy, slightly compressing and super comfortable.

How do I wash my shapewear clothing?

Svelte’s shapewear skirts, tanks, leggings and shorts are made out of custom knit fabrics. To avoid shrinking, pilling and color loss, they should be washed in cold water only and hung to dry.

How can I find my size?

To find your shapewear size, you will first need to know your own dress size in either US sizes or letter size range. Svelte clothing products are sized by letters, ranging from S to 1XL. This corresponds to size 2 to 24. For more information on sizing, please consult our sizing guide.

What is built-in shapewear?

Built-in shapewear is directly integrated into your clothing, it is light shapewear that will insure your clothes fit right and stay flattering. Built-in shapewear offers light support in key areas such as tummy, thighs, butt, and back through paneling and light compression fabric.

What kind of control does built-in shapewear offer?

Svelte’s shapewear clothing offers light control. The integrated shapewear is made to remain breathable and comfortable, while eliminating tucks, bulges and the infamous muffin top. It is made to provide you with all day comfort and support.

Can I wear shapewear leggings as pants?

While not all shapewear leggings are designed to be worn as pants, Svelte’s are. They are made of thick, opaque fabric that does not become see-through and will keep you covered up and supported all day!

Is built-in shapewear good for women postpartum and post abdominal surgery?

Svelte’s built-in shapewear clothing is great for women postpartum or post abdominal surgery, especially the shapewear leggings. These have a soft panel at the waist that gently supports the tummy keeping it firmly in place and avoiding chaffing or soreness.

Can I work out in my shapewear leggings?

You can absolutely work out in shapewear leggings, as their super stretchy fabric will move with you, keeping you comfortable. Plus the abdominal support provided by the waist panel can provide extra comfort for those intensive activities such as Pilates, jogging or cardio.

Do shapewear leggings help you lose weight?

Shapewear leggings are not designed to help you lose weight. They provide you with light control and a flattering cut that will enhance your curves.

What is Svelte’s return policy?

Products can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of receipt. Product must be unwashed, in its original conditions and packaging. All postage will be the customer’s responsibility. All other requests will be handled by case. Please consult our Return and Exchanges page for more details.