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Shapewear is The Place Where Feminism Meets Fashion

The Relationship Between Feminism and Fashion? It’s Complicated. From the oppression of the Victorian corset to the bra burning that helped signal the heyday of the Women’s Lib movement, feminism and fashion have always had a close but complicated relationship. Looking back through history, fashion trends have revealed a great deal about women’s rights in a given time or place. Varying forms of feminism have exerted a heavy influence on the perceptions women have of their fashion choices as well. There was a time when many feminists saw fashion as their enemy. This adversarial relationship stemmed from the idea that fashion trends were largely controlled by the image that men wanted to maintain of women, not by the inherent tastes...

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Shapewear and Expressing Your True Self

The clothes you wear should enhance your life, not weigh it down with pressure and outlandish expectations. You get enough of this at work and rushing through your daily life, so the last thing you need with your fashion choices is more of the same. The days of dictating exactly how a woman should look are (hopefully) a thing of the past– now is the time when you can express your true self in the clothes you wear on a daily basis. Almost as importantly, you can also express whatever form of femininity embodies that true self through today’s diverse fashion styles. Let’s have a look at the role Shapewear can play in the expression of this true and authentic...

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A Rough and Ready Guide to Fall Shapewear Fashion Part 2

It might still be hot and humid in many parts of the country, but the fall season is coming whether it feels like it or not. But don’t worry if you’ve put off coming up with your autumn wardrobe because Shopsvelte is here to save the day (and the season!) with Part 2 of our Rough and Ready Guide Fall Shapewear Fashion. Mix Things Up This Fall With Shapewear Combinations If you were with us last time, you know we were all about leggings. But this time out, we’re expanding our horizons a bit by presenting some exciting shapewear combinations. Read on to find out how you can shine just as brightly as the changing leaves. Fall Skirts Neutral and dark...

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A Rough and Ready Guide to Fall Shapewear Fashion Part 1

This is the first installment of a two part series on shapewear fashions that can spruce up your fall season. This time out, we’ll focus on suggestions that center on the timeless appeal of leggings. Changing Clothes with the Seasons In case you haven’t noticed the occasional chills in the air lately, we’re here to tell you that summer is winding down quickly and fall will soon be upon us. That means putting away the sundresses and swimsuits and assembling outfits that are stylish enough to accent your best features and warm enough to get you through those chilly October nights out. We know you’ve got some lovely fall standbys that you’re eager to bust out, but here are a...

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Same Leggings, Different Lifestyles

Who said that leggings are only wearable indoors ? Yes, it’s true that we often wear them at home because of the comfort they give us. However, now, the Leggings are an asset for the everyday life. Here are 1 type of leggings for 4 different looks.   LOOK 1: STAY AT HOME   Pick a simple shirt with your comfiest slippers, then you’ll be almost ready for your « Me Time ». The leggings are perfect for this cozy time for they are not too large nor too tight. Precisely, our Leggings are designed with a thick fabric which brings support for your back and tummy. You can now grab your lovely cardigan and enjoy! LOOK 2: CASUAL   For a...

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