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Fashion is for all ages


You might have heard of the blog Advanced Style, it was founded by Ari Seth Cohen and shows ladies in their golden age looking absolutely fabulous.

This blog is a breath of fresh air on the blogosphere. These women prove, you get better as you age, it’s not « all down hill from here », clearly.

As women age, they tend to find it harder and harder to relate to the media around them, the images of the women shown to them. Women in their 60s or over especially are often portrayed in an unflattering “granny” light. There is more and more pressure not to age, to look as young as possible for as long as possible. And Advanced Style is a beautiful portrayal of women who age gracefully, who carry their years with pride and dignity and still have fun with their clothes.

Fashion is definitely not just for the young, and more and more companies, like Svelte, aim to provide fashion cut and created for women of all ages, flattering to different bodies, generations and styles. Regardless, Advanced Style is a great reminder for women that age is just a number and that style, like wine, gets better as it ages.

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