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Celebrity look: Jessica Alba

Look gorgeous in your shapewear leggings for spring



 It’s officially spring, and to celebrate, we’d like to show you how to put together an outfit inspired by one of our style icons: Jessica Alba. This chic bright outfit can go from home to work, keeping you looking elegant and feeling warm.
Start by slipping on your shapewear leggings. It’s still a bit chilly, so you might want to opt for your thick Ponte leggings instead of your cotton spandex ones. Their signature slimming panel at the waist will keep your mid-section comfortably supported. Then layer on a classic white shirt. Already you have a chic, comfortable outfit that can be worn in multiple settings. Plus the slimming panel on your shapewear leggings will create a smooth silhouette, so you don’t have to shy away from a clingy cut!
Next, make sure to layer on you favorite trench, don’t be fooled by the sunny weather, it’s still pretty cold out there.
Finally add some bright accessories to liven up your outfit. Choose some colorful pumps or flats and a bright scarf with matching tones to give your ensemble a summer flair. Use warm colors to really mark to passage from winter to spring!
For ideas and inspiration on how to wear your shapewear leggings check out our polyvore profile!

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