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Can you wear your shapewear leggings to the office?

With the growing trend of athleisure, women seem to be dressing more and more casually. Leggings are not just gym wear anymore, women are sporting them in coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and even the office.

Last year denim sales went down, as women are opting for versatile and comfortable clothing that they can take from the gym to work to a night out. The health and fitness lifestyle has leaked into fashion, and versatile sports and casual wear is now seen everywhere.

Now that leggings aren’t just for working out anymore, companies are making products that will meet the modern day woman’s needs. Svelte, for example, has designed thick high quality leggings with built-in shapewear to keep you comfortable all day and allow you to wear your form fitting clothing and leave your Spanx at home.

So how do you take your leggings from function to function? Here are a few easy tips:

  • Wear high quality shapewear legging, their thick fabric will keep you looking decent and elegant and their light compression of the tummy and thighs is more flattering.
  • Go for the full athletic outfit. Wear your sneakers, hoodie and tank all day, athletic outfits are now a look, not just a practical gym outfit. So own you comfortable attire and go all out.
  • Wear multiple layers. Layer on your clothing onto your shapewear leggings so that you can adapt your outfit to your changing needs.
  • Pay close attention to your accessories, they can dress you outfit up. Chose statement jewelry and elegant shoes to pair with your leggings. Those can be taken off once at the gym and will make your outfit dressier once at the office.
  • Go for black shapewear leggings, they’re more versatile, timeless and chic.
  • If your office demands an outfit that’s a bit dressier, go for the shapewear panel skirt instead. Its thick stretchy fabric is super comfy and its classic cut is elegant and work appropriate,


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