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The dos and don’ts of wearing shapewear leggings as pants

You may wear your shapewear leggings because of their body shaper properties, or because they are simply the most comfortable piece of clothing you’ve ever owned. Either way, here is a short list of fashion dos and don’ts you should keep in mind: 

Do :

  • Wear them under a tunic or dress when at work, while their super thick opaque fabric will prevent any accidental showing of your underwear, covering your backside will make them more work appropriate.
  • Wear them under a clingy top, thanks to their sliming panel at the waist and their tight fabric your body will be nicely supported and your tucks and bulges flatteringly concealed.
  • Wear them to the gym. Choose some breathable cotton spandex shapewear leggings for the gym and you’ll feel comfortable and supported during your workout.
  • Wear them as tights, they will give you comfortable support and thermal insolation under your dress or skirt.
  • Wear them under a long vest or sweater when pairing them with a short or crop top, to balance out your proportions. 

Don’t :

  • Purposefully buy the wrong size. Shapewear leggings are all about the fit, making sure to find the perfect balance between comfortable and flattering. Buying a size too small or too big will definitely throw off their look.
  • Wear colorful underwear under your white shapewear leggings. They may be thicker than average, but nude underwear is still required!
  • Put them in the dryer. Since you’re wearing them often, it can be tempting to dry them to speed up the cleaning process, but their custom stretch fabric risks shrinking. Be patient, and let them air dry!


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