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Is built-in shapewear right for you?

Hardcore shapewear is being ditched by more and more women in favor of more comfortable and breathable alternatives. Still, the current clothing market offers women a wide range of options when it comes to slimming clothing and underwear, and it’s hard to know what to pick and what’s right for you.

Svelte is one of a handful that offers light built-in shapewear. This means Svelte clothing smooth’s and supports your waist, providing light and integrated control. Here’s why these comfortable and flattering clothes could be right for you:

  • If you recently gave birth. Postpartum, your midsection is stretched out and sore, and the extra support built-in shapewear offers will keep you comfortable.
  • If you think regular shapewear is too constraining. You may be one of those women that feel like classic shapewear is too uncomfortable to bother with. It’s tight, sweaty and an overall uncomfortable experience. Built-in shapewear is much lighter, it’s still everyday clothing so it’s meant to feel comfortable and accompany your body’s movements.
  • If you’ve recently had abdominal surgery. Your whole midsection will feel tender and sensitive, and covering it with a soft and supporting panel will protect it and keep you feeling snug.
  • If you don’t like having to layer several garments to get a smooth result. This is another complaint woman have, wearing several layers can be a hot experience indeed. The advantage of built-in shapewear? It’s all one piece, a much simpler and cozier experience.
  • If you’re looking for comfort. Women are often given the choice between flattering clothing and comfortable clothing, and many are inclined to choose the later. The built-in shapewear is great for women that demand both.

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