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How to go from the gym to the real world in your shapewear leggings.

It can be a real pain to have to bring a whole different outfit to the gym, especially when you don’t have the time, or the inclination to change out of your shapewear leggings. These are not only super comfortable, they’re also flattering, thick and opaque, making them acceptable to wear outside the gym. You just need to dress them up to go back to your everyday life.
Start by changing your shoes. Nothing screams « workout » more than sneakers and leggings. Grab some more elegant shoes for your post workout outfit, ballet flats or booties always look great with shapewear leggings.
Make sure you grab a tunic. A casual t-shirt or tank top paired with leggings can look very sporty. Change into a soft flowy tunic the covers you up a bit more and makes your legs look endlessly long in their shapewear leggings.
Try an oversized knit. When in doubt, layer on a luxurious oversized sweater over your shapewear leggings, it’ll feel incredibly cozy and look polished.
Make sure to accessorize. Grab a few jewelry pieces you can quickly put on after the gym, to dress up and bring your outfit together.

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  • women's activewear

    Shapewear leggings are always comfortable during exercises either its gym or yoga classes. Shapewear leggings are one of my favorite leggings and I used to wear for my yoga centre. This gives me a stylish look during my workout activities.


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