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How to find the best shapewear for your body type?

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We all our have body imperfections and instead trying to change them, focus on your assets and find the proper clothing. This includes finding the right shapewear leggings. In this article, you will have a grasp on the different female body types and how to choose the right shapewear leggings accordingly.


1. Straight

This is the most common body type, especially among Americans. Having a straight body type means that your bust and hips are balanced. Moreover, your waist is not well-defined and you tend to gain weight in the torso area first. Your butt is more flat than round. Your legs tend to be one of your best assets. In choosing the right shapewear leggings, choose a high to mid-rise waist to give an illusion of curvier hips. Pair it with tops that have bold prints and textures. In addition, you opt to layer fitted clothes. A good push-up bra to lift your bust area is a good way to enhance your femininity.

Another way to style your shapewear leggings is to wear them with detailed skirts with pockets or ruffles.

2. Pear

When you have this body type, it means that your hips are larger than your bust. Your waist is very well-defined and you have slim arms and shoulders. You tend to gain weight first in your legs and bottom. The best asset of pear-shaped women is their waists. Go for A-line dresses or tops to emphasize your upper body. This will make your hips appear slimmer. In choosing the right shapewear leggings, choose a more relaxed style that fits straight down from the widest part of your hips and leggings that have darker colors like plum, navy blue and black to shape your bottom without adding too much volume. Lastly, avoid shapewear leggings with prints.

3. Oval

When you have an oval body shape, you have a full midsection and narrow hips. You also have a large bust and your waist is the widest part of your upper body. Women that have this body shape tend to gain weight first in the stomach area. The best asset of oval-shaped women is their legs. In choosing what to wear, the key is to de-emphasize your mid-section. Pair your shapewear leggings with tops that flatter the waist. Choose shapewear leggings that have embellishment or try to pair them with flared skirts. You may also opt for belted tops for a fancier look.

4. Hourglass

The hourglass body shape means that your bust and hips are equal in measure and you have a defined waist. Hourglass-shaped women have rounder bottom as well. Overall, your curves are proportionately balanced. In order to accentuate your waist, pair your shapewear leggings with form-fitting tops. Choose fabrics that will gently cling to your curves. Also, choose shapewear leggings that will flatter your bottom with high-waisted cuts to elongate your legs. Avoid low-rise shapewear leggings because they will make your legs appear shorter and your hips wider. For an overall sexy look, wear heels instead of flat shoes to avoid making your legs appear thick.

Embrace and love your body

Whatever your body shape is, you have to love it. It is not an easy process. Developing positive body image is very important because it is crucial to your happiness. Instead of keeping up with ridiculous beauty standards, learn to love yourself just the way you are. In the words of Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, we are beautiful in our own ways regardless what others would say about us.

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