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When to wear shapewear leggings in Canada?

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Canada is lucky to experience all four seasons in a year. Most Canadians experience a wide range of temperature. From March to May, snow melts. Days become warmer and longer and nights are cool and Canadians will get a lot of rain. Moreover, plants are slowly beginning to grow. Be stylish during this season pairing your shapewear leggings with boots, a hat and mittens.

For summer, which runs from June to September, the temperature can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius. The weather is constantly hot and dry. In Ontario, people are more likely to experience thunderstorms and high humidity rates. In addition, most Canadian regions will get mosquitos during this season. Wear leggings to avoid nasty mosquito bites. They will also protect your legs from getting sunburned. Choose shapewear leggings with breathable fabric such as Cotton. Stretchy cotton shapewear leggings work well with silk slip dresses and tank tops. While black leggings are the most versatile and a classic clothing staple, printed leggings are trendy during summer. 

In fall, days are noticeably shorter. Many parts of the country have beautiful foliage colors. The weather during fall is unpredictable as it can go from dry to rainy. Wear your shapewear leggings with a plaid flannel shirt and a white V-neck shirt made of cotton. For a more feminine look, you can substitute your plaid shirt for a knitted cardigan or a boho-inspired kimono. You may also opt to pair your shapewear leggings with a cozy long sweater. Choose neutral colors like brown or gray. Accentuate your look by adding a printed, colorful scarf. Lastly, you will need a coat, mittens and leather or suede boots during the end of autumn.

For winter which starts around December and ends in mid-March, temperatures are usually below 0 degrees Celsius. Winter winds can make the actual temperature feel even colder, better known as the wind-chill effect. Dress warmly to protect your body from the cold especially when going outside by pairing leather shapewear leggings with long, warm coat. If you want to be more laidback though, opt of a long chambray shirt of a denim shirtdress and unleash your inner Gigi Hadid. However, make sure to stick to neutral colors like black, charcoal, gray and warm tones. On most days, you will also be needing mittens and boots.

Winter can be sexy too, as long as you balance it out. You can also wear midriff bearing tops as long as you cover everything else. Match it with a structured cocoon coat and killer boots. When you are stuck at home though, especially when just binging on Netflix and eating a bag of chips, spending the whole day in winter leggings feels like heaven too.

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