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The Waist Training Craze


We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian, and various celebrities’ selfies, and heard more and more about the latest trend in shapewear: waist training.


What it is

Waist training can actually mean several different things; it can go from wearing a corset-like device under clothing for a smoother silhouette, to working out with one. What does it do? It is said to promote and accelerate weight loss, especially around the waist, reduce water retention and for new mommies, reduce swelling of the uterus. All of this of course while giving you an hourglass silhouette.


The risks and results

While these all sound like amazing benefits, medical experts warn users that these waist trainers can be potentially hazardous for your body, when worn too tight, they can cause heartburn, interfere with breathing and cause general discomfort. Ouch.

Experts and doctors agree that their results are extremely short term. Although they can look great under a dress, waist training is not proved to reduce waist size or improve the effectiveness of your workout.

The best way of getting a smaller waist is still to exercise regularly and improve your diet.


The bottom line

This craze is more of an uncomfortable quick fix rather than a long-term solution. And as far is getting a smaller waist, working out might just be less painful than wearing a corset.

But we agree though that a little support around the midsection can be really nice, you know, as long as it doesn’t compress your lungs. You can find out more about our comfortable tops and bottoms with built-in shapewear.


Find out more about waist training risks here:

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