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How to wear leggings like a grown up

Like many women, you probably love leggings, but find them a bit casual. Let’s face it, they’re amazingly comfortable, but it can be tough to make them fit into your everyday life. Here are some tips on how to make leggings work, and how to wear them like a grown up:

  1. Cover them up a little. The fastest way to make leggings look more professional is to make sure you wear a top that conceals your rear end. Tunics are now your new best friends. There are many that look chic, are comfortable and dress up our leggings majorly. You can also go for a long sweater in winter, and a light dress over capris in summer. 

  1. Play with proportions and fit. The nice thing about leggings is they can make you look supermodel tall when worn right. So play with layers and proportions, add some knee-high boots and a long sweater to your leggings. Or wear them with a longer dress and pair them with ballet flats. Since leggings are skin tight, play with the fit of the rest of your outfit to create an interesting silhouette. Belt an oversized sweater to make your legs look smaller, or wear them with a slightly loose tunic to show off your curves. 

  1. Add some texture. The big trend right now is printed leggings, but those can be hard to wear without looking a bit too much like sportswear. Buying some leggings with interesting texture can be a nice way to freshen up your look. Try wearing leggings with leather detailing, a little pleather never hurts an outfit.
  1. Quality matters. You will see a world of difference between cheap leggings and high quality leggings. It’s usually not as much about the cut as the fabric. Cheaper leggings will become see-through they will give you a camel toe, they shrink, pouch and chafe. So make sure you invest in some higher quality leggings, they will be way more flattering, and you will be able to keep them much longer!

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