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Muffin tops decoded: how you end up with love handles

We’ve all experienced that moment when you button up your pants and realize that a rather unattractive roll of fat is now sitting on top of your low-rise jeans. Every woman carries a little weight around her midsection, but that extra padding can sometimes turn into a muffin top. But how is a muffin top created?

Hitting your 40s

Getting older brings on some major changes in your body, including how it uses and stores fat. Estrogen encourages the fat to be distributed in the thighs, hips and chest. But as you get older your estrogen levels decrease, and your body goes rogue: it stores storing fat in the abdominal area too.

Too much sugar

If carbs, sweets or even caffeine are your main foods, you might develop a condition called insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar, and when your digestive system is thrown off balance, your body has trouble using the insulin it produces. So all the sugar you are eating is not only causing your insulin to be less effective, it is now being converted into fat. Hence the tummy roll.

A congested liver

The liver metabolizes hormones, and when it is congested, or tired, it doesn’t do as good a job at it. So when it needs to store excess glucose because of a high sugar intake or insulin resistance it, along with your midsection, get fat.


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