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3 tips to find the best shapewear to wear under a dress



Finding that perfect outfit is hard enough, but finding the best shapewear to wear under a dress is even harder! With so many kinds of shapewear and styles of dresses, it seems near impossible to combine them for the optimal effect. Luckily, there are a few tricks and tips which primarily high-profile stylists use, but we would like to share with you. Besides, women have to help each other out!

These three tips will not only help you find the best shapewear to wear under a dress, but can be easily used when looking for the perfect accompaniment to any piece of clothing!

1. Right colour and fit

As much as you want shapewear to help emphasize the beauty of your body and camouflage any of your insecurities, it itself should not be noticeable. It’s kind of like foundation make-up; it’s supposed to make a difference but not be obvious in and of itself. A few ways in which you can achieve this effect is by sticking to the right colour and the right fit. Do not wear white shapewear under a black dress or dark lingerie under white, the effect will not be subtle, especially when the camera flash goes off! Try to keep the colours as similar as possible to each other. Your shapewear should be a perfect fit, because having it too big or too small can lead to disastrous consequences like loose, bunched up pieces of fabric or alternately, uncomfortable edges visibly digging into your body. Let’s avoid situations like these and simply find items that fit well and correspond in colour.

2. Highlight the Beauty of the Dress

If your chosen dress has a swooping back, a plunging neckline, or a fitted skirt, choose shapewear which best shows this prized feature off. It would be a shame to have to cover up that low back or leave the shape of your bottom to chance when appropriately combined with the right shapewear, the effect could be spectacular. When in doubt, take your shapewear collection dress shopping with you. Try on your dress options with different kinds of shapewear underneath in order to see which gives the best effect. And vice versa! When shopping for shapewear, bring a dress with you and see which piece of shapewear is the most effective. This little trick will eliminate the hassle of returns and such later on.

3. Find a 2-in-1

If you don’t have to deal with this problem, don’t! There are dresses on the market with built-in shapewear, meaning that it’s already custom adjusted to the cut and fit of the dress. Though finding the perfect style of dress might be a problem with a decreased range of choice, you completely eliminate the need for purchasing and adjusting shapewear to make it perfectly suited to it. Sometimes you will find that the shapewear in the dress does not give the full effect that it should. In that case, reinforce the work of the shapewear with a light version of it. See if when worn together, the problem disappears.

Shapewear and dresses can both be difficult items to buy right, and making them work well together makes it even harder. Remember to never settle on one without the other, you have to know what the shapewear you’re shopping for will look under a dress, just like you need to see the potential dress with the appropriate shapewear underneath. However, it’s always worth it in the end. Who can resist a beautiful figure in a splendid dress?

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