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Yoga decoded: the basics on yoga and yoga classes

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Yoga is a trendy sport right now, mostly because it has many mental and physical health benefits. But for those who feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different classes available out there, here’s some basic information to help you decide which yoga is for you.


What is yoga?

Yoga is defined online as « a Hindu philosophy that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling the body and mind”. It is basically a series of poses accompanied by controlled and regular breathing that will help you relax, stretch your body, improve circulation, clear your mind, increase your strength and flexibility and many more positive things.

Yoga can be adapted to your level and strength, practiced at any age and is pretty risk free.


A guide to different types of yoga

Today many different classes are offered, and it’s up to you to choose what sounds right for you. 

Vinyasa (also known as power or flow): This is a very common form, it is more athletic and designed to get your heart rate up, and challenge your strength and body.

Bikram: Bikram yoga is practiced in 105 degree heat, in a humid environment. These classes run 90 minutes and contain a series of 26 poses practiced twice. These classes are designed to help you sweat out your toxins and lose weight.

Hot: Yes, hot yoga is different from bikram, you could say these two are cousins: the high temperatures and humidity are the same, but hot yoga is more free flowing: length and number of poses are not predetermined.

Hatha: these classes show you the foundations of yoga, and its different styles, focusing on breathing, physical postures and meditation. It’s a great class for beginners, as it allows you to see a wide range of practices.

Iyengar (also known as restorative): This practice of yoga is one of the oldest, and focuses on the healing of the body and mind through restorative postures and breathing. It is technical as well as spiritual and is great for amateurs and pros.

Kundalini: This form of yoga is designed to activate the energy at the base of your spine. It focuses more on breathing and mediation.


What to wear to yoga

Wearing clothing that is not too baggy to yoga is necessary to insure it doesn’t get in your way and allows your instructor to see if you are doing the poses correctly. Fabrics that stretch will keep you comfortable and allow you to flow from pose to pose. Mostly, make sure you wear something that allows you to move freely and feel amazing, something that makes you feel comfortable inside and out. Come check out our high quality leggings, you will look amazing in them before, after and during yoga!


Enjoy your practice!

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