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Sneak peek: Svelte Fall 2015 photo shoot

We have several amazing products coming out for fall 2015, and this June we got to shoot them alongside Dominique Deslauriers, Julie Landreville and Kathy Vallee. But here are 7 fun facts you didn’t know about this photo shoot:

  1. Dominique is more beautiful in real life as she is in these shots. No really.
  2. She’s been a model for over 20 years now.
  3. I’ve never met anyone more passionate about what they do than Kathy Vallee, our makeup artist.
  4. Our location, Giovanelli Studios, gave us a perfect view of the Olympic stadium, the Champlain Bridge and La Ronde Park.
  5. The only downside to this place? No elevator, so we hauled all our stuff up and down six floors. It was good cardio.
  6. Despite it being June, the weather was dismal, but yes, we still made everyone shoot on the roof.
  7. Everyone came armed with an amazing attitude and a whole lot of energy. 

Enjoy these exclusive shots (and a video!) of our new products, and tune in this September to get yours online!

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