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10 fun and mundane facts about Svelte

Svelte is a relatively new, and small company, but here's 10 fun things you probably didn't know about it:
  1. There are literally 4 people working for the company, so customer service has a very personal touch to it.
  2. This year Svelte employed Parisian designer Gabrielle Lepissier to create some of our new pieces, since she’d worked with leggings before. She did an amazing job so stay tuned for our new fall items!
  3. Svelte was created when founder Liliana realized her forties and two kids changed her body and that she couldn’t wear low-rise jeans anymore!
  4. All the jewelry used for our photo shoots comes from Liliana’s previous occupation: jewelry distributer.
  5. The 2014 photo shoots were shot in our Montreal offices, we simply cleared out all the furniture.
  6. The office is so bright and sunny in the afternoon we sometimes have to wear our sunglasses when working.
  7. We all constantly wear leggings to the office: the perks of working for a leggings company!
  8. Owner Liliana’s dog, Cocoa, sometimes hangs out in our offices. Not a lot though because he tends to get so excited about meeting new people he pees all over the floor.
  9. Most of the art found in the office has been kindly provided by Liliana’s children.
  10. All female employees agree: the tight ankle ponte de roma leggings are the best!

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