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How to dress a curvy figure


Our shapewear leggings aren’t the only way to emphasize your silhouette!


Many people say that fashion is made for the skinny, but I disagree. Being curvy is amazing, it means that you’re not overpowered by prints or daring silhouettes, and that you can wear bolder looks without looking like the clothes are wearing you. But there are some easy tips on how to make your silhouette look amazing:

  1. Emphasize the smallest part of your torso: your waist. Wearing clothing that comes in at your waist accentuates your curves and shows off the sharp contrast between both. Go for an empire waist and remember that belts are your best friend!
  2. Avoid boxy styles such as shoulder pads or overly blousy looks. All of these make your chest look like one big square, instead of an hourglass.
  3. Opt for shorter jackets, they show off your waist. Unless tailored specifically for you most long jackets will end up looking boxy and hiding your silhouette, making you look bigger than you actually are.
  4. Tailored dresses were made for you, when done right they can make your curves look amazing. The trick is to wear A-lined dresses that show off your chest and small waist while slightly looser around your thighs and calves.
  5. Dresses or shirts with draping can be a hit or miss for curvy figures, because they have to drape the right places. Again the key is showing off the contrast between your small waist and curvier top and bottom. Draping should always nip at the waist, hug the hips and chest and hang loosely over your bottom and thighs.
  6. You don’t have to wear full-on shapewear, but try clothes with built-in shapewear that have a slimming panel at the waist and a flattering cut. Shapewear leggings, for example, can be worn under a dress or tunic, they are totally invisible and enhance your curves, allowing you to make the best out of what you have!

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