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Leggings decoded

5 types of leggings, and how to wear them


Leggings are a relatively new trend, and as such most people have not yet realized that not all leggings are created equal and that different leggings are appropriate for different settings. We’ve narrowed it down to five different types: 

  1. The cheap leggings. We all have a pair of leggings that we bought for 20 dollars or under, that are paper thin and incredibly comfortable. These have little to no spandex in them so they tend to bunch at the knees and shrink in the wash, but they feel like pajamas so we’re willing to forgive these small flaws. The problem is they look kind of like pajamas too, when worn as pants and they tend to show the world your every curve, lump and flaw. We’re not saying don’t wear cheap leggings, just make sure you wear them under a dress or a tunic.
  2. The yoga leggings. These leggings are often made with high quality fabrics designed to facilitate and even enhance your physical performance. Some have fun prints or fancy seam work to make sure that you look fun and fabulous even when in odd yoga poses. These leggings are amazing for working out, but not so much in everyday life. Coming to work looking like you are on your way to the gym is less than professional.
  3. Jeggings, they are the best of both worlds: terribly comfortable and yet still pants. Jeggings can be defined as very stretchy pants. They can definitely be worn without a tunic or even to work (casual Friday!) as long as their fabric is thick enough. Remember ladies cheap leggings posing as jeans are not jeggings!
  4. High quality leggings, these are not defined as much by their price as by their fabric. High quality leggings will be made with fabrics containing high quantities of spandex and be thicker so as to insure they stay smooth. Wearing them as pants is up to you, but at least these leave a little more to the imagination than cheap leggings.
  5. Shapewear leggings. We saved the best for last, leggings with shapewear are a growing trend in the industry. Leggings can be notoriously unflattering because of their skintight cut and constraining waistband and that’s where shapewear leggings come in. These have flattering cuts and seams, high quality fabrics that smooth out your silhouette and a slimming panel at the waist. Shapewear leggings are the new generation of leggings, with fashion becoming more conscious of curvy women and their needs, the industry is adapting popular trends to fit a wider range of body types and sizes. These look great under a dress or tunic and can also be worn as pants thanks to their quality and design.

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