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The art of dressing comfortably at work

The eternal dress code dilemma 

Unless you are one of those lucky people that can wear anything to work, most of us struggle with keeping our work attire both professional and comfortable. But don’t worry, these two terms do not have to be mutually exclusive, here are a few tips on how to keep your work look comfy:

  1. Stretchy fabrics - There is plenty of nice looking clothing out there that is made of soft and stretchy fabric. Stock your wardrobe with jersey dresses or knit blazers. They look great, and the elastic fabrics will feel extra comfortable.
  2. Leggings – We are not suggesting you violate your company’s dress code, there are plenty of ways of making leggings look elegant, as we have discussed in a previous post. Throw a dress or tunic over them and you will feel super comfortable while looking amazing. If you’re worried about waistbands showing or worse, a muffin top, try some shapewear leggings, they are invisible and smooth out your silhouette.
  3. Jeggings – If your company dress code is a bit more lax, and you can pull off wearing jeans, try jeggings. We are not referring to flimsy leggings posing as jeans but jeans with some extra stretch. These will feel more comfortable than your regular jeans.
  4. Nice flats – Heels aren’t the only way of looking fancy, investing in a few nice pairs of flats can be a good way to look nice while not killing your feet. Try statement shoes that look so cool people won’t notice the absence of a heel.
  5. A smaller purse – There’s nothing like a huge handbag to make you feel heavy and encumbered. Try bringing only the bear minimum to work and downsizing your purse, this will make you feel lighter and more at ease.
  6. Statement jewelry – there are mornings when lack of energy and imagination combined will lead to a rather dull outfit. If you feel like your look is too plain, or you would like to distract from its overall casualness, add some statement accessories. They will dress up your look while simultaneously drawing attention away from your casual attire.

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