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Celebrity Leggings look: Liv Taylor

Leggings are not considered evening wear. Except when Liv Taylor does it of course. I’m sure most of us have wished we could stay in our leggings for our night out, well Liv had the genius idea of simply dressing her leggings up instead of leaving them at home!
So here’s how you can get Liv’s elegant look for less:
First make sure you stick to the color scheme: black. When trying to pull off a casual item in a dressy way black is always the way to go. It’s a color that looks instantly elegant. 
Start by choosing high quality leggings that are thick enough not to be see-through. We suggest our ponte de roma tight ankle leggings. The high quality fabric makes them look dressier than regular cotton leggings and their perfect cut will show off all the right things. Plus, did I mention these are shapewear leggings? So they keep your mid-section nice and tight and smooth out any bulges or tucks.
Next layer on a basic black tank top. This H&M tank is a perfect example: it doesn’t have to be expensive, just plain, comfortable and opaque.
Next comes the tuxedo jacket. This cut is preferable as tuxedo jackets are longer than regular blazers and will cover up your crotch and rear end. Make sure you keep it buttoned, which looks more formal. The bulkier cut of this jacket creates a nice contrast to the tightness of the leggings. So basically you’ll be using this tuxedo jacket as a tunic.
And finally accessorize. Add black heels to your outfit with a bold detail. In Liv’s case it was flowers, but we are suggesting these gold rimmed open toe heels. Nothing says elegance like gold, remember? And of course add a timeless black leather clutch to the look, a practical accessory that will tie the outfit together.
And there you have it, for under $400 you can get a timelessly elegant and comfortable evening look!

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