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Svelte shapewear leggings: behind the fabrics

Svelte develops its very own fabrics so as to insure our customers get nothing but the best shapewear leggings, but what do these custom blends mean?

The first shapewear leggings collection that Svelte launched was made out of cotton spandex, a pretty common mix in the leggings world. What do these two fibers bring to the table?

Cotton is breathable, and soft. It’s a highly comfortable natural fiber that’s reasonably strong but does some come with some downsides. It also loses its color more easily, and stretches out because it has very little elasticity on its own. This is why we added spandex to the mix, to make sure our shapewear leggings are stretchy and keep their color. Most leggings contain a relatively low percentage of spandex, usually around 5%, because of how expensive it is. But you will notice that most leggings tend to pouch at the knees after wear and still have trouble keeping their initial color. This is why our shapewear leggings contain 14% spandex, to insure they keep their shape while showing off yours! These have a comfortable 4-way stretch and are resistant to friction, making them comfortable and sturdy! 


In fall 2014 Svelte launched another custom blend: the Svelte ponte de roma. This fabric is made of 69% rayon, 26% nylon and 5% spandex.

The rayon is what makes these new ponte de roma leggings so attractive, and is responsible for the thick lushness of the fabric. Nylon is added to counter the fragility of rayon. This fiber is highly resistant, so much so that bulletproof vests are made out of nylon. For Svelte, Nylon is here to insure that the ponte de roma leggings don’t lose their color, shape, or texture. In finally a small percentage of spandex is added to give these shapewear leggings even their signature 4-way stretch and some extra resistance.


Part of what makes Svelte shapewear leggings so amazing is the fabric, so we hope you love our custom fabrics! Tell us in the comment box bellow how they felt!

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