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How to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall

It’s time to pull out your favorite shapewear leggings again!


Summer has flown by, and soon we will be hitting the fall season again. With school right around the corner and the weather getting colder, here are a few tips on how to smoothly transition your summer wardrobe to a fall one.

  • It’s now time to add some darker colors to your pastel palette. Make sure you use deep hues like cognac, burgundy, and olive, these are some of hottest fall colors and will keep you looking on trend. Remember to visit our website starting September we will be launching our olive colored shapewear leggings!
  • Add some length to your hemline. The weather for shorts and capris is now over, time to add a few inches to your hemline. Trade in your shapewear capris for shapewear leggings, your shorts for jeans and your mini skirts for midi skirts. This will keep you feeling warm and looking good.
  • It is not yet the weather for coats, but the temperatures are still dropping. It may be that mornings are too cool to go out without a light jacket, even if you have to take it off later in the day. The trick is to add on some light layers: a flowy scarf, light blazer or even sleeveless jacket will keep you warm and still looking in season.
  • Closed toe shoes. Unfortunately it’s time to retire your summer scandals, but the good news is you get to pull out all your beautiful boots instead. Booties will keep your toes warm, but they aren’t full-on boots so they’ll let your bare legs enjoy the last warm days of the season!
  • There’s nothing like a hat to make an outfit look interesting, and keep you warm! Hats are a fashion statement that will also protect you from the wind, rain and colder air. Make sure you choose a model that contains wool, this will make it warmer and water proof!

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