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5 Trends to watch for Spring 2017

Bras will no longer be hiding under layers of t-shirts and sweaters, they will be worn out and proud as regular tops. While 2016 saw the rise of crop tops, tops get shorter, and skimpier in 2017. Prepare to pair these with high waisted jean and, flowy skirts.


A super versatile, and pretty timeless print, you will be seeing more and more stripes in 2017! These won’t come only in your classic colors either, prepare to see bold and bright arrangements of color.

Athleisure is officially integrating fashion. Leggings, tops, and sporty separates will now come in bold looks and cuts. Athleisure will now blend beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe, and what was once a sporty piece will turn into a classic everyday one.  

This year slogans are the new logos, expect to see a whole variety of fun to serious phrases on t-shirts. Brands are focused less on getting their own names out, and more on putting out funny, inspirational messages for their customers.

In 2016 we saw celebrities dressing in head to toe camel, black, white. This trend for monochromatic neutral colors will be replaced with pink. Designers are mixing bright shades of pink in prints or as a stand alone in a a bright monochromatic statement. Either way, this feminine fun color is making a come back this year!




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