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8 pieces you should wear with with leggings

Leggings aren’t just athletic wear, or in our case shapewear that helps avoid that tiresome muffin top, they can be worn in a variety of different ways and for different occasions. If you want to forgo the “going to the gym look”, here are 8 pieces that will make your leggings outfit look put together:

1. A long blazer. Nothing says polished like a blazer, especially if it’s a bit oversized and covers your butt. It’s a way of dressing up your shapewear leggings while still staying comfortable: the best of both worlds.
2. A dress.This is the all time mix: pairing a dress and leggings is one of the most comfortable outfits ever (yes, just as comfortable as your sweats). This look can be adapted to almost any occasion and investing in a few timeless pieces (including our shapewear leggings that will insure you don’t get a muffin top) can allow you to mix and match.
3. A long sweater. There is nothing more comforting than pairing a soft, oversized sweater with shapewear leggings. This look is casual, sure, but still looks put together. It’s a great go-to for when you’re feeling under the weather and still need to look nice.
4. Booties. Pairing booties and leggings can be a great way to transition from one season to the next. Booties are still reasonably warm, but the inch or two of skin between your shoes and your shapewear leggings creates an urban, effortless look.
5. A cargo jacket. Parkas and cargo jackets are practical, especially during rainy weather. They also make a great layering piece, something you can take on and off as the temperature changes.
6. A tunic. Tunics are a great way to make your leggings work and school appropriate, as they give you a little more coverage than t-shirts. Choosing a tunic that is slightly oversized will create a nice contrast with your skintight leggings.
7. A crop top. Pairing a crop top and leggings can be a daring and revealing mix. Make sure you wear high wasted leggings with a crop top (unless you’re going to an 80s theme party) and if you’re feeling a bit overexposed, add a long sleeveless blazer to the look, making it more sophisticated and less revealing. And finally, if you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable about your midsection, try our ponte de roma shapewear leggings, for a smooth silhouette.
8. Ballet flats. Pairing cute flats and shapewear leggings creates a classic and casual look. It’s easy to put together and can be dressed up or down as needed.

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