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Shaming Fat Shaming

Why the world needs to stop giving the word “fat” so much importance


For decades now the word « fat » has had an extremely negative connotation. When you hear women call themselves that you feel obliged to politely chime in and assure them that that is not the case. As Lillian Bustle explains in her Ted Talk: "We as women are programmed to tell each other that we're not fat because for too many people — both men and women — fat is the worst thing that you can be". She’s right of course, and the reason many people think this is because of the usually unintentionally hurtful comments of others. 

So here’s a word of advice for all those that have one day made someone feel bad about their weight: beware. You think fat is a disease that can be cured by dieting and working out? Think again. Your body takes the shape and weight your life gives it. It will change just as you will, and it may be that one day it joins the ranks of those you once dared to hurt. Your weight is only one very small component of a beautiful, complex, and ever-changing package. Love yours, no matter how it looks (or how much it weighs), and don’t judge those around you. Remember, there are many ways of being beautiful, some are visible to the naked eye and others shine through from the inside. 

Slowly the stigma is being taken out of this word, “fat”, while companies are finally paying attention to the needs of all women. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy working for Svelte so much. Some might say that selling shapewear leggings is not helping the problem, but I disagree. These don’t have built-in corsets, they don’t encourage customers to hide their figure, they encourage them to show it off, flaunt it. Our shapewear leggings are a light touch up for your silhouette, a way of making your figure look its best, not to hide it. And finally the stretchiness of our fabric means you can gain and loose several pounds and still be able to fit into your clothes. Basically I am proud to work for a company that creates clothing from the inside out, and not to other way around.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s silly to give one number have so much influence on the way you feel about yourself and others.

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