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The Skinny on our fall shapewear leggings

Same slimming panel, different design 

As you may have heard, Svelte’s launched some new fall styles, and our customers are loving them. Here’s a closer look at why these shapewear leggings have become our bestsellers:

The leather pocket tight ankle has a slim leather ribbon that winds around the leg, this isn’t just attractive, it’s also a way to elongate your legs and enhance your natural curves. Plus these are made in our signature ponte de roma fabric, a thick, mat and super stretchy material that looks just as amazing as it feels. But the main reason people love these shapewear leggings so much is the leather pockets. Let’s be honest here: we’ve all once in our lives wished our favorite leggings had pockets, it’s really the only downfall of leggings, no place to put your belongings. Well not anymore! 

A little goes a long way when it comes to dressing your silhouette and accentuating your curves, little details can sometimes make a big difference. That’s why the curved seam tight ankle is our second best seller. It looks like our classic tight ankle with a fun twist: a seam curves around the side of your leg, enhancing your figure and elongating those gams. Their cotton spandex blend is lighter than the ponte de roma, but just as comfortable. Plus these come in our newest color: navy.

Both styles were designed by Gabrielle Lepissier, a young Parisian with lots of talent. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new shapewear leggings, so make sure you comment below, or find us on our social media:

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