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It’s leggings, no it’s shapewear!

Shapewear should be comfortably built into our clothing, not worn under it. 

Many women feel like wearing shapewear is like stuffing yourself in a sausage casing. In theory they like the result, but in practice it’s less than ideal. Plus it can be frustrating to have to shape your body to fit your clothes. Common sense would dictate that it should be the opposite.

That’s why built-in shapewear is making such an impression on many women. Shapewear clothing is just clothing that includes smoothing and shaping functions, making sure to show off your assets while smoothing out your insecurities. Built-in shapewear is slowly replacing regular body shapers in women’s wardrobes and hearts. It’s much more comfortable, invisible, and better for your body. It just makes sense.

So here’s what you should know about shapewear clothing:

  • Sizing is everything. These clothes are made to feel comfortable, and tight but not constraining. Too loose and the shapewear will not be able to do its job. To tight and you might end up with see-through clothing.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear clothing that’s tighter than usual. Built-in shapewear hugs your body, and that may make some feel self-conscious but remember that it’s also here to support your curves. Shapewear leggings, for example, can sometimes be a million times more flattering than regular pants. It can feel counter intuitive, but it works.
  • Layer onto your built-in shapewear. Built-in shapewear can make a great outfit base or can be worn alone. That’s the beauty of it, it’s so much more versatile than your regular shapewear.
  • Don’t be afraid to demand comfort. If you wanted to feel suffocated, you would wear regular body shapers, so don’t be afraid to shop around brands, don’t just look at the product, look at the fabric, the fit.

For more information about our shapewear leggings, visit our Svelte System page, it will tell you how they work and why you’ll love them!

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