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Going 9 to 9 in Svelte’s shapewear leggings

Nothing’s more versatile (or flattering) than your shapewear leggings. We’ll prove it.


Most people still associate leggings with casual wear and workout gear, but the truth is high quality, opaque leggings can take you through a whole day looking put-together and professional. And if they have some built-in shapewear, it’s even better. Here’s how to style your tight ankle ponte de roma leggings for a whole 12 hours while looking fantastic.

Morning meeting: If you’re not a morning person, getting up and putting on your work clothes can be a chore. Opting for a shapewear leggings look means you can stay comfortable, and start your day right. Since you’re going to work, it’s important to always wear a tunic or dress over them though. Layering a long blouse and some cute flats will make for a timelessly elegant look.

Lunch date: you want to look put together, but still casual for a lunch date, so do some light layering and make sure to add some fun accessories. Plus, bonus, you’re wearing your shapewear leggings, so you don’t have to order the salad.

Workout time: If you’re one of the lucky (and highly motivated) women that can slip in a little gym time occasionally, then Svelte’s shapewear leggings might just be your best friend. Although this isn’t their primary function, they’re great for working out, because they’re incredibly comfortable, while still insuring you remain muffin top free. Think about it, haven’t you ever wished you had something to cover and support your midsection while you were moving around of the gym? And don’t be fooled by the term shapewear, these leggings are made to hug your curves, not stifle them.

Dinner and drinks: Some might say wearing leggings to dinner is lazy, but I would argue that it’s definitely not when it’s done right. Some times layering elegant pieces over plain black leggings is the perfect mix of casual and chic. And thanks to Svelte’s body shaper function, you can have a three-course meal without worrying about how your midsection looks.

All these outfits, and many more, can be found on Svelte’s polyvore page!

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