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Are leggings pants?


Can you wear your shapewear leggings as pants?

This is a long going debate that seems to divide the internet: are leggings really meant to be made worn as pants? We’ve argued in the past that yes, our high quality shapewear leggings can be worn as pants, depending on the outfit.

Jamie Higdon Randolph has recently posted a video that says not, and here are her main arguments:

  • Leggings are very revealing, and no one wants to see your « tail ». By tail, she means your butt. It’s such a lady-like way of putting it we have already vowed to adopt the term.
  • Many leggings are often see-through. To this we argue that buying the right size at a higher price point really helps. Our black tight ankle shapewear leggings are completely opaque.

She also brought up an interesting point: leggings are for all sizes, you don’t have to be skinny to wear them as they are universally flattering (with the right outfit). This is definitely true, especially if you get yours with a little built-in shapewear, so as to avoid a muffin top.

Our summary of her video doesn’t do her justice though, as she rants throughout with her amazing southern accent.

Tell us what you think: are leggings pants? Or does Jamie have a point?

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