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Celebrity Leggings Look: Gisele Bundchen

Time to pull out your shapewear leggings and recreate Gisele’s look!
Leggings often get a bad rap, because many believe they are casual wear meant for the gym or the home. The truth is, leggings can be worn super casually, but they can also look polished and elegant, depending on what you wear them with. Take for example this picture of Gisele. Would you say her outfit is casual or meant for the gym? Of course Gisele never looks unfashionable, but here’s a guide to recreating her versatile and elegant leggings look.
The trick to making leggings looked polished is to choose the right ones. Make sure you choose thick and opaque black leggings in a matte fabric that won’t be see-through. You can also go for some shapewear leggings, they keep your mid section well supported and prevent a muffin top from forming. We recommend our tight ankle ponte de roma shapewear leggings, with a comfortable sliming panel and our signature ponte de roma fabric.
Layer on a long shirt that can double as a tunic, another trick to classing up your leggings is wearing tunics and making sure your ‘tail’ is hidden. To get Gisele’s look, get a classic blue striped one. Plus if you’re wearing your shapewear leggings you can get a form fitting one without having to worry about a muffin top!
Then layer on a black blazer. Again if your shirt is a bit shorter than a tunic choosing an oversized, tuxedo or boyfriend cut that covers your rear-end is preferable.
Time to add on the finishing touches, pair your leggings look with classic black ballet flats, minimalist jewelry and a black clutch. And there you have it! This shapewear leggings look is comfortable, versatile, and elegant!
See the full look on polyvore

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