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The everything guide to wearing Svelte built-in shapewear

A frequently-asked-questions guide to wearing our shapewear leggings.


Shapewear clothing is a relatively new trend, and so it’s normal if you’re unsure how it works or what you can wear with it. The basic principal of shapewear leggings and clothing and that your average, everyday clothing is mixed with a flattering cut and tummy control functions to make sure you look and feel amazing. Here are a few pointers on how to wear your Svelte shapewear leggings.

What size should I choose?

Unlike regular shapewear, you don’t have to go for a size smaller, as our shapewear leggings are meant to give you comfortable control. All our products have sizing charts, so make sure you know your pant size. For example, a size 8 would wear a size Medium in Svelte.

How should I wash them?

Our shapewear leggings are made of highly elastic knit fabrics, so definitely don’t put them in the dryer. Wash them with similar colors, in cold water and on a delicate cycle. Then hang them dry. This will prevent any shrinking.

Can I wear them as outerwear?

Of course! Our shapewear leggings are meant to be worn as outerwear, that’s why we developed thick, high quality, opaque fabric for them so that you could wear them without fear of transparency.

What should I wear my svelte built-in shapewear with?

You can wear your shapewear clothing with a lot of different things. Our shapewear leggings look amazing on their own, with a tunic or dress. Our shapewear shorts can be worn on hot summer days or under dresses and skirts (they are 86% cotton so very breathable). Both our shapewear skirts looking amazing with a simple blouse or t-shirt. Our shapewear tank tops look great on their own or under another shirt.

Are they regular shapewear?

No, they are not. Our shapewear clothing is designed to bring comfortable control, so they are not constraining, suffocating or sweaty. You should never be reminded of a corset when you wear our clothing. Also they are designed to be worn as outerwear thanks to their matte, opaque fabric. They are a comfortable and updated version of regular shapewear.

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