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Celebrity Style: Miranda Kerr

How recreate Miranda’s chic and effortless shapewear leggings look


The amazing thing about shapewear leggings is that they are super comfortable but can still look really nice. When you’re traveling, on your day off or just feeling like you need to be comfortable, shapewear leggings are a must: they feel amazing and with the right outfit don’t look frumpy.

Take Miranda Kerr, she looks fabulous but I bet she feels even more comfortable. So how do you create a similar outfit?

Start with classic black shapewear leggings, they will be high wasted and insure you don’t get a muffin top, since you’re going to have your stomach on display. We recommend our classic ponte de roma tight ankle shapewear leggings, their signature 4 way stretch fabric will keep you snug all day. Then add a basic white crop top, and make sure that you pair it with something long enough to cover your back. In this case a long grey coat will insure your tail isn’t on display and keep you warm. Then the secret lies with the accessories. Add a colorful scarf to your outfit for a touch of color (you might want to make it silk if you get cold easily). Then make sure to choose a practical but attractive black bag. Go for the classic black leather handbag, it’s big enough to carry your whole life in, and looks good with everything. Finally add some black sneakers, they’re comfortable, practical and they look great with shapewear leggings. And there you go, you look effortlessly chic and casual and you feel super comfortable!


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