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How to wear leggings right in winter

5 style tips to look amazing in shapewear leggings. 

We don’t have to sell you on leggings, they are comfortable, flattering, versatile and even attractive. And if you chose to wear shapewear leggings, you get a little extra support around the waist and a beautiful silhouette. So here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you look your best in your shapewear leggings this winter: 
Pair your shapewear leggings with a chambray shirt or dress. Black leggings always look great with chambray, it seems to be a law. The fun mix of texture will make for a casual and comfortable look.
Wear shapewear leggings with a chunky sweater, for an effortless and super comfy look. This outfit is comfortable, warm and easy to put together, perfect for dreary winter mornings!
Use your shapewear leggings to dress down a fancy mini dress. Some dresses can look a bit overdressed, but simple black leggings will make more casual. Plus the built-in shapewear means you don’t have to worry about unflattering budges!
Add a cargo jacket over your shapewear leggings. The jacket will cover your tail, insuring you stay decent, while creating a casual military chic look. The cargo jacket / plain black leggings look is easy to put together and always looks great.
Wear your shapewear leggings with tunics. Tunics are harder to wear with jeans, their length can be impractical. But with shapewear leggings they are perfect, they cover you up a little and fall gracefully over your thighs.
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