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How to wear shapewear leggings for the New Year

There are two good reasons to wear your shapewear leggings on New Year’s Eve: to stay warm and to keep a killer silhouette all night. It’s the middle of winter, and going bear legged can be a bit chilly in certain parts of the world. Our classic shapewear leggings are black, matte and perfectly opaque, they will look great under any dress and insure you won’t get cold. Our slimming waist panel insures your tummy is supported and stays smooth. You can dance, eat, drink and have the time of your life, your shapewear leggings will have your back.

Although leggings are considered to be casual, there is nothing wrong with wearing them under your New Year’s Eve dress, as long as you do it right. A few things to remember when trying to integrate your shapewear leggings into your new years outfit:

  • Wear them with boots, so that you can’t tell if you’re wearing leggings our just tights.
  • Choose a dress with a short or medium length, your legs will look endless.
  • Shapewear leggings are invisible, which means they won’t show under a dress no matter the cut, so you can go for a tighter sexy number or an elegant flared look.

For example, do these outfits look too casual?


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