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Celebrity leggings look: Lily Aldridge

Rock your shapewear leggings just like Lily Aldridge!



We don’t know about you, but the colder it gets, the more we want to give up real pants altogether and simply live in leggings. Shapewear leggings are amazing for winter: they conceal any extra winter weight and are extremely comfortable. Get a pair of black tight ankle shapewear leggings and you can wear with everything.

Lily Aldridge is opting for a monochrome black look in this outfit that looks elegant and keeps her warm and comfortable. So how do you recreate this all black look? Start by grabbing your black shapewear leggings and layering on a black sweater and coat. Make sure the coat has a belt you can tie so as to accentuate the small waist your shapewear leggings give you! The most important is the accessories: layer on a pair of black over-the-knee boots with a light heel (it can be chunky or thin, both will look great). Then add a camel handbag and some silver jewelry to the outfit. This outfit is versatile and easy to put together, making it perfect for sleepy winter mornings!


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