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How to wear shapewear leggings on a plane

Look amazing and stay comfortable while flying

Choosing an outfit for a plane trip isn’t easy, mostly because the temperature can be unpredictable. One thing we can all agree on: shapewear leggings are the best for plane trips. They’re super comfy, breathable and still keep you warm in case of extreme air conditioning. They are high wasted so you won’t feel like your hips are being compressed and they will support your midsection nicely and conceal bloating. The problem is, what do you wear over them to make sure you stay warm? Here are a few tricks to putting together a comfortable travel outfit:

  1. Make sure you have plenty of layers to take on and off.
  2. Make sure these layers aren’t too bulky so that you can easily put them in your bag or carry them over your arm.
  3. Wear shoes that you can take on and off easily, it will make going through security and curling up in your seat that much easier
  4. A scarf with a bright color or nice print is sure to keep you warm and will brighten up your outfit.
  5. Although they look amazing, don’t wear larger felt hats on a plane, they cannot be folded or slipped in your purse once you don’t need them.
  6. Always bring a large tote bag with you on the plane, you can fill it with your important documents, entertainment and extra clothes.

Here’s an example of a perfect shapewear leggings outfit for the plane:


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