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6 reasons why Svelte built-in shapeware leggings are the best postpartum clothing


After delivery, comfort is paramount, it’s important for new moms to feel good and have clothing that meets their new and rapidly changing needs. Luckily there’s nothing more practical, comfortable, or flattering than our shapewear leggings. Here’s why:

  1. The slimming waist panel supports your midsection, giving you light compression and making sure you feel held in. This is important for your physical comfort and mental comfort, as you might feel sore and uneasy about the sudden changes in your body.
  2. Light compression around the thighs and butt means your body feels contoured and supported.
  3. The 4-way stretch fabric used for our shapewear leggings accompanies your movements naturally, allowing you to comfortably move around.
  4. Shapewear leggings have thick opaque fabric, so you don’t have to worry about them being see-through around intimate areas.
  5. If you go for our classic black shapewear leggings, they go with everything, you can wear them with your entire wardrobe effortlessly. Because let’s face it, you probably don’t always have the time to put outfits together.
  6. Your weight my fluctuate and change a lot postpartum, but thanks to their super stretchy fabric our shapewear leggings can be worn even after you’ve lost a size or two without falling or rolling down.


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