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6 ways to wear your shapewear leggings to the office

Leggings can sometimes be a controversial subject. Unless you’re a gym teacher, a Jenner or work for a leggings company, wearing shapewear leggings to the office can be hard. Of course we all have those days where we just can’t bring ourselves to wear real pants, so here are a few work friendly outfit tips to keep you and your shapewear leggings looking professional:


A black turtleneck sweater will dress up your shapewear leggings, especially when worn with a chunky necklace and some booties. Get a sweater that just a bit longer so that it covers your front and back end and you’ll be work ready!


A long chunky knit will insure your leggings outfit is modest enough for work and keep you warm and snug. Wear a blouse underneath for a polished and professional look.


Long blazers and shapewear leggings were meant to be worn together, they are an amazing combination that looks work appropriate and feels super comfortable.


Wear your favorite dress over your shapewear leggings. Shapewear leggings are great for making a shorter dress work appropriate, as they turn it into a tunic. Plus their waist panel will keep your tummy tucked in and smooth.


A long oversized blouse paired with a blazer will make your shapewear leggings look more corporate, and will definitely fit the office dress code.


For casual Fridays you can always wear an oversized sweater and a pair of boots. This outfit is just as comfortable as your pajamas and still looks really nice.


For more shapewear leggings outfit idea check out our polyvore account!

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