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The perfect Valentine’s Day outfit thanks to your shapewear leggings

You might not know what your significant other has planned for you on Valentine’s Day. Or you guys might have several different activities planned. Whatever the case, dressing for Valentine’s Day can be hard. Finding the perfect outfit that can go from one occasion to the next while still keeping you comfortable is a challenge.

Here’s the trick to dressing with versatility for Valentine’s Day:

First of all, grab your trusty shapewear leggings. Today more than ever, you will want to wear them. After all you want to be comfortable all day and feel beautiful. Your shapewear leggings will do both for you. They’ll keep your midsection supported smooth and your legs free.

Although red is a little cliché for Valentine’s Day, burgundy is a beautiful and rich color that looks great on most complexions. Plus, it’s pretty versatile: it can go from casual to dressy easily. And knit fabrics are a great way of keeping your outfit versatile, they can look super sleek and fitted but still casual and informal. So try and find a simple knit dress, don’t be afraid to get a clingy one, your shapewear leggings will keep you looking smooth underneath. A trench coat is perfect for any occasion, and will keep you warm. Chose one in a kaki or beige color, it won’t look as dressy as a black one.

You can pair this outfit with wedge, they aren’t as much of a commitment as regular heels and they’re usually more comfortable too. And finally, grab a small black purse to finish the look. Avoid clutches or handbags, as both can make a statement. Accessorize minimally and keep it simple, you’ll look and feel amazing all day long!

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