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4 ways shapewear leggings are not like regular leggings

Shapewear leggings: not just regular leggings 

Shapewear leggings: not just regular leggings

When laying out a pair of our shapewear leggings next to a pair of regular leggings, you may not notice a whole lot of a difference. But shapewear leggings are not just high wasted leggings. They are designed to provide a smoother, more flattering look and make the best out of your curves. So here’s what Svelte’s shapewear leggings have over regular leggings:

  • A soft slimming panel at the waist. This panel has 2 layers of fabric made to hold your tummy in and smooth out your waist. It doesn’t fall down or roll and doesn’t show under clothing.
  • High quality stretch fabric: Svelte’s shapewear leggings have 2 exclusive fabrics developed by the brand to provide you with light compression around the butt, waist and thighs. This keeps you softly held in and comfortable.
  • A perfect fit: Svelte leggings are cut to make sure they can fit a wide range of body types and look amazing on all women. Plus combined with the stretchy knit fabric our leggings adapt slightly to your curves, so that after a few wears they will feel like they were custom made.
  • Design: All the details on our shapewear leggings will accentuate your curves and elongate your legs.

Basically, shapewear leggings are regular leggings but on steroids.

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