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How to dress your post-baby body

Hint: it involves shapewear leggings

In the days and weeks following giving birth, your body will change considerably, as will your shape. It’s unrealistic to expect your pre-pregnancy clothes to fit right off the bat, or for a while. But it’s not because your body is in an in between stage that you can’t look nice or feel attractive in your clothes. Here are a few tips to look and feel amazing postpartum:

  1. Get some shapewear leggings. No seriously, they are super stretchy, so they’ll adapt to you weight fluctuation and still feel comfortable. And their soft slimming waist panel will hold your midsection in and support your abdomen, which you’ll love for esthetic and comfort reasons.
  2. Invest in some stretchy dresses and tunics with flattering cuts and pleats. These are super comfortable, and easy to wear over your shapewear leggings. They are perfect to wear when your body is changing as their stretchy fabric and flattering cut will adapt nicely to your current shape.
  3. Make sure you chose pants with spandex, elastane or lycra in them that don’t sit too low on your waist. They will feel more comfortable and cozy and won’t dig into your sides.
  4. Expect to have to give up on a few pieces. Whether they were bought pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy some pieces won’t end up fitting right, it’s okay and completely normal, your body is changing and some times your wardrobe will have a hard time keeping up with that.


Check out our wide selection of shapewear leggings here to stay comfortable and feel beautiful postpartum.

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