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A Rough and Ready Guide to Fall Shapewear Fashion Part 1

This is the first installment of a two part series on shapewear fashions that can spruce up your fall season. This time out, we’ll focus on suggestions that center on the timeless appeal of leggings.

Changing Clothes with the Seasons

In case you haven’t noticed the occasional chills in the air lately, we’re here to tell you that summer is winding down quickly and fall will soon be upon us. That means putting away the sundresses and swimsuits and assembling outfits that are stylish enough to accent your best features and warm enough to get you through those chilly October nights out.

We know you’ve got some lovely fall standbys that you’re eager to bust out, but here are a few new ideas to add to your fall catalog.

Go With Leggings Once the Leaves Begin to Fall

Casual fall fashion begins and ends with leggings. And why wouldn’t they, right? Leggings offer the total fall package — the style, versatility, and comfort that today’s woman needs to keep pace with the modern world and look good doing it. Here are a few tips to make leggings work for you this fall.

  • For running errands, lunch with a friend, or picking up the kids from their 500 extracurricular activities, go for a casual look by pairing your dark colored leggings with a white crop top and an athletic fleece sweater. Of course, you’ll want to find the perfect sneakers as well, but as long as they keep things laid back you’ll look fantastic.

  • If it’s a little colder or you need a bit more sophistication than what a crop top and sneakers offer, you can wear solid colored leggings with a sweater and a vest. And for footwear, you can step up the fanciness a little by going with soft black ankle boots.

  • Lastly, never be bashful about wearing a pair of leggings under a dress. Not only will they keep your legs warm while flitting between your favorite night spots, they’ll also give you a classy yet laid-back look that will fit in just about anywhere. Just be sure to stay away from pairing leggings with long skirts, as that little peek of a different color at the bottom won’t go over well.



Stylewise, Leggings Go Where You Want Them To

As you can see, there’s a broad range of flattering outfits you can wear with leggings. In some ways, they’ve become a suitable replacement for pants, especially when you’re going for any sort of look that has an athleisure component to it. That’s about all the tips we have for the first part of our Rough and Ready Fall Guide, but come back and see us for Part 2 next week and see what we have in store for the rest of the season. Until then, wear what feels good!

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