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Back to basics: why cotton leggings are the best

Brands are constantly coming up with new fabrics to make their leggings tighter, more comfortable, stretchier etc… Entire lines of performance leggings are created with the goal of keeping you comfortable and increasing your physical performance. Research is done to create new and optimized fabrics. But what happened to good old cotton?

Don’t get us wrong, many of these fabrics are amazing, we aren’t against the use of synthetic fibers in leggings, but sometimes progress makes us forget the natural resources we have at our disposition too.

No, cotton cannot replace fibers like nylon, rayon, and spandex. But here are a few things we’ve all forgotten cotton leggings do as well:

  1. Cotton leggings are breathable. Many fabrics are developed in the hopes of creating more breathable fabrics, making leggings comfortable to wear in the summer heat or during a workout. Don’t forget though that cotton is also incredibly breathable and comfortable on its own!
  2. Cotton leggings absorb moisture. Moisture wicking fabrics keep women working up a sweat comfortable and dry in their leggings. But cotton is also great at absorbing moisture.
  3. Cotton leggings with some spandex are super flexible. It’s important your leggings feel like a second skin, that they move easily with your body. And while many great stretchy fabrics exist, cotton mixed with some spandex is stretchy too. It only takes a little spandex to make them feel incredibly comfortable. Most cotton leggings have 5% spandex, while Svelte’s has 14% making them not only super stretchy but also preventing them from pouching at the knees.
  4. Cotton leggings won’t give you rashes. Those with delicate skin will appreciate this point. While synthetic fabrics can irritate the skin and cause allergies, cotton won’t.

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