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Call it lazy day outfit, call it athleisure!

We all have that one or maybe multiple days a week where being “lazy” is the general mood of the day. Choosing your outfit for the day may not always be easy and on those lazy days, one looks for ease and comfort.

With athleisure becoming more and more popular, even a trend to look forward to in the coming year, you are now able to get away with dressing down without jeopardizing style.

The following will provide you some inspiration for your go-to lazy day outfit and how to pair your shapewear leggings to attain this look:


Your take on the lazy day outfit can take many forms. You can either stick to the typical athleisure look, which would basically entail your nicest work out clothes coupled with your favorite non-gym sneakers. Pairing your shape-wear leggings with a pair or loafers or ballerinas may be less athleisure but still fits perfectly with the lazy day comfort you seek.

Another thing to keep in mind is layering. With this type of outfit, layering is key because it allows you to style a simple outfit to reflect your personal style. A pair of leggings and a t-shirt may not win you fashion awards, but pairing it with your jean or bomber jacket will add that edge to your lazy outfit.

The next time you are having a lazy day and do not feel like putting in the effort, these outfits will provide you with the inspiration necessary. You can’t go wrong here! Simplicity and comfort will define your look.

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