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Denim is the new black

The versatility of denim and the ability to dress it up or down, has long made it the go to piece of clothing, and as such, it has become a necessary item in everyone’s wardrobe. When it comes to wearing jeans, it is difficult to find the right fit and level of comfort required for women who are on the go. This especially applies to those who seek comfort, yet still want to look fashionable.
You do not have to look far to realize that fashion trends are ever evolving. Yet the trend of figure enhancing attire has always been present. Just take a look at some of the corsets our ancestors had to wear. Fast forward to today, given the evolving nature of fashion trends as well as advances in technology, shapewear has emerged to provide the comfort and functionality that was absent.
This is where Svelte’s denim line comes in. As with our shapewear leggings, the purpose of denim shapewear is to give women the opportunity to feel comfortable but maintain a clean and sophisticated image. While the shapewear leggings can make a lazy outfit look chic, denim shapewear can make a functional look feel soft and unconstrained.
The built-in shapewear, coupled with the stretchy feel good fit of our denim line, allow for comfort without taking away from the body sculpting appeal of traditional jeans. Their high-waist characteristics and Svelte’s classic slimming panel streamlines your figure for a sexy yet ultra comfortable look. The integrated panel, which aims to accentuate your silhouette, is built in such a way hugs your body for a non-restricting solution to tucking away. The sculpting effect enhances your figure, all while maintaining the comfort that denim would other wise lack.
Whether you want to attribute this fascination with shapewear to celebrities like Kim Kardashian or the ever growing popularity of spanks, it is safe to say that everyone is looking for a way to push up and tuck without going under the knife. Our denim shapewear is  a go to for all things fashionable yet comfortable.
Pair them with a sexy pair of stilettos and a blazer for the office, or booties and a biker jacket for after work drinks. Whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go, these jeans will provide the style and comfort you need.

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  • Kimmy

    Love the skinny jeans! If I won the giveaway that’s what I’d pick!

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