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Does shapewear really work?

Shapewear, waist trainers, body shapers, there are so many different options on the market for women in terms of « shapewear ». But does any of it work? The answer would all depend on what you expect your shapewear to do.

Shapewear is defined as « Fitted underwear, especially a girdle, that is designed to hold a part of the body in a particular form. » So shapewear is made to modify your shape, with the help of varying levels of support and many different designs and cuts. It’s important to note that the more compression a shapewear garment offers, the more it will sculpt your body. Light compression shapewear won’t shave a lot off your silhouette, but it will keep you smooth. Shapewear with more compression will sculpt you more, keeping you tightly held in. You can imagine that the more support and compression shapewear offers, the more uncomfortable it will tend to be.

Shapewear such as waist trainers who are designed to help you lose weight probably can’t give you any permanent results, as celebrity personal trainer Kali O’Mard explains it is “compressing your stomach and putting the fat elsewhere, not getting rid of it”. They do however provide rigorous support and compression, and act almost as a modern corset. For those ladies looking for intensive results, and aren’t afraid of some discomfort, waist trainers would be the way to go.

So shapewear in general does work, but you need to pick out the right type out for you. If you’re looking for a smooth silhouette and a comfortable piece, try light compression shapewear or built-in shapewear, these will offer you soft support and erase tucks and enhance your natural curves. If you’re looking to sculpt and shape your silhouette, go for shapewear with more compression.

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