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Health, comfort and beauty

There is a saying that beauty is pain, but just how much pain are we willing to put up with? Heels, shapewear, waxing, tweezing, all women have experienced these, and more. The beauty routine of a woman can be at times uncomfortable and sometimes even downright painful. Take the story of model Khrysty Ana, who explains in an Instagram post that wearing shapewear caused her legs to turn blue.
While is normal to want to feel beautiful and confident, is it normal to wear garments so tight they cause you to temporarily lose circulation in your legs? Especially when this can cause permanent damage such as digestive issues, nerve damage or poor blood circulation.
It looks like women before us got it all wrong though. How could beauty be pain? You will never see a woman more beautiful than when she is happy and healthy, when she feels confident and comfortable. No more suffocating shapewear, embrace your curves and chose naturally flattering clothes or clothing with soft shapewear built-in. No more heels that make your feet bleed, there are beautiful and comfortable shoes out there, even if they don’t make you look 4 inches taller than you actually are.
We are all beautiful, enhance your natural beauty, put forward your best features, and remember to always take care of yourself.

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