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How shapewear leggings were born

There comes a time in everyone’s life where comfort becomes increasingly important. However, as with everything in life, it is important to find a balance between dressing comfortably and presenting your best self to the world. Some days you may want to invest less time and effort and other days may be the complete opposite. If you are among the many out there who do not want to compromise their fashion sense for comfort, then do not fret.
Although leggings may have garnered a bad rep throughout the years (think 90s fashion), it seems as though they have made a come back. The ability to go from casual chic, to full on leisure wear, or even rock a stylish runway look has made owning a good pair of leggings an essential part of every woman’s closet.
The versatility of leggings, coupled with the comfort they provide to tackle your day without feeling restricted in your clothes, has ultimately led to the increase in their popularity. Take for instance Phoebe Philo’s incorporation of leggings in Celine’s collection last season. Who knew this piece of clothing would make an appearance in haute couture?
Designers are paying attention to the needs of consumers. Comfort and style are important; so, what better way than to incorporate the former with the latter. Take the increased popularity of leggings, along with the continuous rise in the demand and interest in shapewear, and you have the shapewear legging. The ability to dress comfortably in clothing that not only streamlines your silhouette, but also provides that extra support, makes the shapewear legging the go to for any occasion.
Pair them with a chunky sweater and booties for your day look or your favorite knee high boots for a night on the town. Whichever look you go for, one thing is guaranteed: svelte and comfort.

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