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How to avoid these 3 fashion mistakes by wearing a waist shaper

It can't keep you from wearing stripes with plaid, but a waist shaper can protect you from other fashion mistakes, especially those associated with the proper fit of your outfit. 

1. Stretching Buttons

Finding the perfect button down shirt or dress is really hard, especially when you are looking for something more tailored and fitted to your body shape. Unless you are getting it made to size, chances are there is no way that the fit will be flattering everywhere: from your bust, down to your tummy, and in the case of a dress, over your hips and legs. This can be a problem, especially when you sit down and your buttons stretch the fabric so that your lingerie or skin shows. This "button peep" can become more than annoying, especially when it happens in an important meeting or a professional environment.

However, there's no need to blush, it's simply the way that the outfit was made and it's not your fault that it fits you better in some places than others. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the waist shaper and use it to tighten your core and even out the difference in size. That way, if your shirt or dress fit well in the bust but were a bit too tight in the waist, the waist shaper can smooth and minimize your tummy to decrease the chance that someone will catch a glimpse of skin when you weren't planning on showing it.

2. Bulging Belt

Belts are great accessories for adding shape to our outfits, especially when they are used to cinch us in at the waist. However, it's not a great look when instead of emphasizing your waist, you seem to be trying to create one by tightening the belt as much as possible. This is an even bigger problem when the belt is a narrow one that creates a great bulge above and below it, something that narrow belts are known to do.

Make this trend look as it should. Layer a waist shaper under your outfit and then accessorize with your desired belt. Your waist has already been cinched in, so no need to find the tightest hole, let the belt just look pretty and rest at your natural waist. Besides, now your small waist will be drawing even more attention!

3. Muffin Top

With the rise of the skinny jeans has come the era of the muffin top- one of the most commonly occurring fashion mistakes, it can also be quite easy to fix. Smooth out your waist above your waistband with a panty-style waist shaper that goes over your tummy giving it an hourglass shape. If you are still getting a muffin-top effect despite wearing well-fitted shapewear, you might want to reconsider your jeans. They are not fitting you properly in the waist and you should look at getting a different style or size.


You’ll find that there are a variety of styles of shapewear, such as camisole waist shapers, panty waist shapers and corset style ones. Choose one that fixes the fashion mistakes you are most prone to making and start living your life stylishly!

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  • New Mama

    I need to get myself one of these shapers to reduce the look of my post partum muffin top… I wanna live a stylish life ;)
    Thanks for the tips!

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